menpo.feature.glyph(image, *args, **kwargs)[source]

Create the glyph of a feature image that can be used for visualization. If pixels have negative values, the use_negative flag controls whether there will be created a glyph of both positive and negative values concatenated the one on top of the other.

  • pixels (Image or subclass or (C, X, Y, ..., Z) ndarray) – Either the image object itself or an array with the pixels. The first dimension is interpreted as channels.
  • vectors_block_size (int) – Defines the size of each block with vectors of the glyph image.
  • use_negative (bool) – Defines whether to take into account possible negative values of feature_data.
  • channels (list of int or None) – The list of channels to be used. If None, then all the channels are employed.