menpo.landmark.face_ibug_68_to_face_ibug_68(x, return_mapping=False)[source]

Apply the IBUG 68-point semantic labels.

The semantic labels are as follows:

  • jaw
  • left_eyebrow
  • right_eyebrow
  • nose
  • left_eye
  • right_eye
  • mouth
  • x (LabelledPointUndirectedGraph or PointCloud or ndarray) – The input labelled point graph, pointcloud, subclass of those or array to label. If a pointcloud is passed, then only the connectivity information is propagated to the pointcloud (a subclass of PointCloud may be returned).
  • return_mapping (bool, optional) – Only applicable if a PointCloud or ndarray is passed. Returns the mapping dictionary which maps labels to indices into the resulting PointCloud (which is then used to for building a LabelledPointUndirectedGraph. This parameter is only provided for internal use so that other labellers can piggyback off one another.


: :map:`LabellingError` – If the given labelled point graph/pointcloud contains less than the expected number of points.