Source code for menpo.feature.visualize

import numpy as np

from .base import ndfeature

[docs]@ndfeature def sum_channels(pixels, channels=None): r""" Create the sum of the channels of an image that can be used for visualization. Parameters ---------- pixels : :map:`Image` or subclass or ``(C, X, Y, ..., Z)`` `ndarray` Either the image object itself or an array with the pixels. The first dimension is interpreted as channels. channels : `list` of `int` or ``None`` The list of channels to be used. If ``None``, then all the channels are employed. """ # if channels is None, then all channels are used if channels is None: # Not indexing is twice as fast sum_image = np.sum(pixels, axis=0) else: sum_image = np.sum(pixels[channels], axis=0) return sum_image.reshape((1,) + sum_image.shape) # add a channel axis